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Logic Premium Vehicles is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP 24337).

Our team is qualified & highly trained with extensive experience in the motor vehicle industry, vehicle financing and related services. Ensuring the suitable financial commitment for today as well as tomorrow.

We are able to offer our expertise on the dealership floor or easily through wireless communication avenues and through our banking partners, are able to integrate the financial solution with your purchase, providing convenience and the best customer service.

What we offer..

Car Sales 90%
Finance & Insurance 80%
License & Registration 70%
Aftermarket Services 60%
Customer Service 100%
Test Drives 80%

Finance & Insurance

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Company (CC / PTY LTD)

  • Completed Juristic Finance Application Form completed for the company (We’ll send it to you on request.)
  • Completed Finance Application Form for each member of the company.
  • CK1 Document
  • ID Document Copy for each member of the company
  • Driver’s licence copy of company proxy or the nominated member as main driver of the vehicle, as per insurance confirmation.
  • Proof of address of the company (Water and Lights Account/Lease Agreement)
  • Not older than 3 months.
  • 6-Months stamped Bank Statements and IDX Consent Form.
  • Latest Audited and signed Financial Statements.
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Private Individual

  • Completed Finance Application Form
  • ID Document Copy
  • Drivers licence Copy
  • 3-Months Payslips OR
  • If self employed – 6 Months Bank Statements
  • If not employed for 3 months yet – Signed Permanent Employment Contract.
  • Proof of address (Water & Lights Account/Lease Agreement) not older than 3 months.
  • 4 months bank statements and signed IDX Consent form. (attached)
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Private 2 Private

  • Logic Premium Vehicles (the Dealer) will act as a facilitator to facilitate the transaction between the Seller and the Purchaser
  • The Dealer will purchase and settle the vehicle of the Seller
  • Comprehensive checks will be done on behalf of the Purchaser to ensure the vehicle meets all legal requirements, including any outstanding debt on the vehicle
  • Will arrange for a full mechanical and technical inspection on behalf of the Purchaser
  • Finance application to all the major Finance Houses
  • Various mechanical warranty and value added product options available to the Purchaser
  • Will perform all registration and Licensing functions

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